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Tickets sold - but no payment pending

I sold tickets for mobile transfer, I transferred them right away and I still dont see a Pending payment processing in my stubhub account.... Its been 4days the event is in 4days...Id really like to have my money before the concert! Any insite?? 


Re: Tickets sold - but no payment pending

@wyanettcreek - Congrats on the sale! To start your payment, you'll want to make sure you confirm the delivery by going to "My Tickets > Sales" and entering the email address you transferred the tickets to. After that, we'll start processing your payment and you'll have it within 3-5 business days to the payment method you provided! 


If you've done this and since the transfer was done 4 days ago, it should be on the 2nd business day of processing; Saturday and Sunday are not counted.


PM any of our moderators your email address, zip/postal code, and order number if you don't have the payment Friday. We'll take a look and see where your payment is!