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Tomorrowland 2020 -> 2021 Tickets

I bought two Tomorrowland 2020 tickets last year and the sellers never sent me bracelet or info on personalization. They sent me printout of the tickets a few days before the cancelled event date. Now that the 2020 tickets can be used for 2021, I'm selling the tickets that I bought. Where are the buyers going to get the 2021 tickets from? My previous seller or me? (I don't have anything but the printouts from 2020)


Re: Tomorrowland 2020 -> 2021 Tickets

Hey there, @seal_team_vi. Due to the reschedule, delivery dates for the event have been pushed out until closer to the event date. We are working with sellers to deliver the necessary items in order to get you into the event. No need to stress. We will send you an email with the details as soon as they are available.