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Transfering tickets

I have two tickets for Death Cab For Cutie for April. 15. I bought them online from Ticketmaster and are now trying to resale. It said my tickets would take till today to become available. Through the Ticketmaster app I am not able to access the transfer tickets or sell tickets options for my tickets, I thought this option would become available today . It has not but I'm able to see the code to scan . I see there are listed tickets for event so I know there is a way to list and transfer. Do I list then email screen of code? Is there another way I am unaware?

Re: Transfering tickets

Hey @Zammitman! Sorry to hear about the confusion! If you are not able to transfer the tickets through the app, we would recommend not listing them on site! We are no longer accepting mobile screenshots as a form of delivery as more and more tickets are starting to have rotating barcodes.