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Transferred Tickets Not Accepted


I sold tickets to an upcoming Harry Styles concert on Stubhub.  In all I made 3 different sales.  Two accepted the ticketmaster transfer while the 3rd has not (it's been over a month).  When I try to email the buyer to have them accept the transfer the email address bounces so I believe they made a mistake on their email address.  What happens if they never accept the ticket transfer?  

I don't want to get stuck with these tickets or worse not paid for them because they provided the wrong information.  I've done my part and not sure what else to do at this point?

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Re: Transferred Tickets Not Accepted

Hi @pfinlaw 


Stubhub discourages communication between sellers and buyers.  As long as you transferred the tickets to email provided (keep transfer receipt as proof) AND you confirm the transfer in your Stubhub account you will be paid 5-8 Business days After the event.


I find that buyers either accept right or at last minute (fear of losing tickets?)

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