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Transferring tickets

I am selling tickets for the Twenty One pilots show on June 1st at the Keybank center. However I can no longer go, and the only option for me is to sell my tickets. The program that they use will only allow me to transfer my tickets and a barcode will only be available 24 hours before the show starts. This doesn't allow me to post my ticket barcode for the sale. I have a listing made but what happens when somone actually buys them? Is there a way i can get the purchasers email to transfer them the tickets? Help would be greatly apprectiated!


Re: Transferring tickets

Hey there, @MariahHowe98


That is a very good question. When you listed the tickets, it should allow you to select the date that you expect to receive the tickets in your possession. By doing that, we will inform the buyer of this date during the checkout process. If you have a sale, you will just need to upload the tickets once they have been sent to you. Choosing a date a day before the show should give you enough time to be able to fulfill that sale. Hope that helps but please reach out if you happen to have additional questions or concerns, we are here to help!