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Turkey is not listed on Direct Deposit

Hello, I am a Turkish citizen living in Turkey. I want to sell my The Weeknd Barcelona concert tickets on Stubhub but I can not because PayPal is banned in Turkey and Turkey is not listed on the Direct Deposit list. So even if the tickets will be sold I will not be able to get my money. Do you have any suggestions or solutions on this matter?


Re: Turkey is not listed on Direct Deposit

Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are limited to where the payments can be sent to for tickets that are listed on the website since we can only pay out to North American bank accounts, or accounts that can convert from USD upon payment. So for most sellers, if that isn't an option, we'd always suggest PayPal. Obviously in your case that wouldn't be an option if PayPal is banned, so unfortunately, selling through may not be an option for you. However, you could try Viagogo as they have more options for sellers in Europe and Asia. 

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