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New User

Unable to enter barcodes

I have been trying to enter barcodes for tickets that I sold for the last 5 days and keep getting an error message.  I called Stubhub and got put on hold for 1.5 hours last friday.  I called again yesterday and got put on hold again.  I attempted to email and it got returned.  Stubhub is very clearly not interested in communicating with it's customers who are having problems with their system.  This is the most inefficient process that i've ever had to deal with regarding selling tickets and it's not even close.  Stubhub needs to do better and clean this up or customers will have no choice but to take their business elsewhere, ie ticketmaster, where it's very easy to sell and transfer tickets without any issues at all.  It's also cheaper to do business with them too.    

Team Mascot

Re: Unable to enter barcodes

I have 10's of thousands of $$$'s of tickets to sell.  If this barcode problem isn't cured ASAP, I'm taking my business elsewhere.