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Unable to view New Event Request form

Thank you for your response to my post about the new Panda Bear event, and thank you for submitting that for me. I'm having A LOT of difficulty navigating around, and I consider myself pretty good at getting around a web site. I want to list them, because other people may be having the same problems:


1) I couldn't even find a way to reply to the response you sent me. (therefore I started a new post).

2) It's not clear to me if this is actually a post I'm making, or a message. My orginal, and this one, I thought were posts on the community support, but I couldn't find my original one on there, and this seems to be a message.

3) Before my orginal (message?/post?) I looked all over for the form to request a new event and couldn't find one. 

4) When I went to the link you gave me for that form I got this message "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."


I still have been unable to get to that form. I do appreciate that you submitted that for me though.

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Re: Unable to view New Event Request form

So sorry for the struggles, I am more than happy to help further! I'm going to number my responses as well, just to keep track and ensure we cover all your concerns. The first thing I want to cover, however, is that our site is best optimized for Google Chrome and Safari. If you're using a different browser or viewing Community on a mobile device, some features may not be easily located or even visible. 


1) After logging into your Community profile, you can click the envelope icon on the upper right corner of the page (near your name and user photo/icon) and this opens your private message (PM) inbox. By clicking the title of the message, you can read it in full and click the pink "Reply" button below to type your response and send it. 


2) When you are posting this way, it creates a new topic and is viewable publicly. Your original post was removed because all event requests must be entered into the form, and I apologize that this created further confusion as that certainly was not intended. 


3) There are two ways to locate the Event Request thread, as we know some users prefer to search by keyword and others select the category and locate the subject they need assistance with. For this thread, you can click "Support Forums" > "Events and Venues" and the top/stickied post is the Event Request thread (because it is the most commonly used in this board). By searching the words "event request" or "request an event", Community users will also see this thread displayed in results. 


4) If using one of the browsers listed above does not resolve this message, please reply here on the post so I can troubleshoot further. We would never want this process to be frustrating, and I truly appreciate the feedback you have provided.