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Why Won't You Pay Me ?

Has anyone else had problems getting paid by Stubhub ?


I sold my Baseball tickets back APRIL 21 - still no payment - Today May 4th


Last week I was able to get through their call center and ask what was happening and nice lady said she would report it and have someone email back to me with details.  


NOTHING - No Emails - Can't Even Get The Call Center Answer My Call been waiting on hold for 2 Hours.


HEY STUBHUB - Someone help me !


Re: Why Won't You Pay Me ?

Hi Capitaliron


You sold your tickets on April 21 but what is the date of the game you sold?  Stubhub changed their policies a year ago to pay sellers 5-8 business days after the event - though I have found that they pay faster than that.  If your event was on the date of the sale, the 8th business day would have been May 3rd.  If your event was later then you will be paid later.