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transfer mobile tix

I have a stubhub account and have mobile tix to a yankee game that I'd like to transfer to a friend (no charge). I can only find trnsfer info that has me transfering the tix from my cell phone app to his cell phone app. I don't have a sell phone. How can I transfer these tix to him from my desktop (no cell phone-no app).


Re: transfer mobile tix

Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they have to be transferred as follows:

To send tickets to a friend, use the MLB Ballpark app to transfer the ticket within 48 hours of the game (a screenshot won't be valid).

1. Download the MLB ballpark app on your phone
2. Log in or create an account
3. Likn your ticket account by entering the same email you use on StubHub

• New users: Tap Wallet > Link account
• Existing users: Tap Today > the gear icon > Ticket accounts > Link ticket accounts

4. You'll get an email to confirm linking the account


I would suggest to use a family member's or friend's cell phone to facilitate the transfer.