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Deliver Options for Selling Tickets

I am a long time stub hub user and often sell some of my season tickets.  When listing tickets, stub hub only allows me to choose one option for the delivery method.  Since I have the paper tickets sent to me prior to the season and I also have the ability to transfer mobile tickets through ticketmaster I can provide them either way.  I would prefer to be able to list both as options and let the buyer decide which option works best for them.  Some buyers prefer the original tickets because they keep them as momentos and others prefer mobile tickets.  Why not let them make the selection?  As a seller I would prefer to be able to list them with both options available so whether people prefer one of the other will not prevent them from ignoring my listing because i have not chosen their preferred method at the time of my listing even though I can provide them either way.

Please fix this and let me know if you will



Re: Deliver Options for Selling Tickets

Hey @msalz! This is a great suggestion and I agree that this should be a feature on listings so buyers know there are multiple delivery options. I'll make sure to pass this feedback along to be reviewed. Thank you!