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European app trouble

Hello all


I live in the UK & I have bought tickets on the American stub hub site for an NFL game in October.

I have downloaded the Stub Hub app but my tickets dont show , it turns out I can only download the European Stub Hub app and this will not show my tickets or i cant find a way of getting them to show 

I have tried to download the American version of the Stubhub app but because im not within the regioin Im unable to get it

My tickets are mobile 

Any ideas what I should do please?

I can see my tickets on the American Stub Hub website & I do have an order number 

Many Thanks 



Re: European app trouble

I have no idea what you should do.  USA Stubhub might pass you off to international Stubhub when they find out that you are in the UK.  International Stubhub might just do the same thing and pass you off to USA Stubhub.


My best guess, and this is not ideal, is to wait unitl you are in the USA and then maybe you'll be able to download the USA version of Stubhub?  


Re: European app trouble

I think you may have to wait until you are American soil to download the app and see your tickets.  The fact that you can see your tickets on the website is a good sign that you should be able to access the tickets when you are in the States.

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