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Last 15 Minute Window ... Bid Option

Why doesn't StubHub allow bidding on unsold tickets during the last 15 minutes before an event? This way, StubHub could still make some money and the fans might get a better deal.
Some people have no intention of attending an event and might inadvertently price them too high to sell.

Anyone know how many tickets go unsold in general?

Re: Last 15 Minute Window ... Bid Option

Hey @Goldfinger! That sounds like a great idea and I'm happy to pass this along to be considered! Thank you so much for the feedback!


Best offer feature

I think it would be nice if StubHub gave buyers the ability to submit best offer bids, similar to the "best offer" feature on eBay.
Being in the eBay family I'd think you guys would already have resources you can leverage/consult to help you guys successfully implement that feature.
I can think of at least two other ticket exchanges off hand that already have the feature, so it wouldn't necessarily be ground breaking and unique to Stubhub, but I think it would still definitely improve the site, the experience, and increase sells by helping less tickets go unsold... You can possibly even decide to not activate said feature until 48-72hrs prior to the listing expiration, to really try and leverage it to sell off as much inventory as possible.