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Reselling Postponed Events, Without Tickets, And Horrible Customer Service

Bought tickets to an event my wife already bought me tickets for so I immediately posted them for resale. This in light of not expecting the tickets for a few months, as the delivery date was just before the event. 


Event was postponed and I called into the customer service line, asking what to do with a postponed event when I still don't have tickets in hand to re-sell; even though postponed tickets are stated to be valid for any new date.


They advised that I should still receive the tickets by the posted delivery date (5 months after my purchase) and if they don't arrive by then, the entire transaction could be voided (should I choose to do so). They added this as notes into the account.


Delivery date passess and no tickets, so I call back in. I'm now advised that there is no way to void the order and if I can't attend the event, I should re-sell the tickets; again keeping in mind that I still don't have the tickets and there's notes from the previous agent saying I can void the order.


I ask to speak to a manager. They transfer me and call drops (it happens). I call back and a Daniella states no manager is available and they cannot call back. She said a manager is not going to tell me anything different, in light of the notes from the previous agent that I can void the transaction if tickets do not arrive by the delivery date


I've never experienced a customer service interaction where I am refused access to a manager, in light of the agents providing conflicting, documented guidance. 


Anyone have something similar? I just want these tickets off my hands, but I can't do that without them in my hands. Any my goodness, they need to rethink their customer service methods...


Re: Reselling Postponed Events, Without Tickets, And Horrible Customer Service

We are very sorry for the frustrations, @H0zayEm. When an event is postponed to an undetermined date, all transactions are at a standstill including selling tickets and receiving purchased tickets. Because the new date has not yet been announced, the primary has held off on releasing the tickets to the original purchaser as well. This is the reason the delivery date has come and gone with no tickets shipped out to you. We are not responsible for event changes and are not directly affiliated with the artist, venue nor the promoter. We realize that it is extremely inconvenient to wait for a new date to be released and for the tickets to be shipped out but, this is entirely out of our control. Once we have an update with the new event details, we will be sure to notify our fans via email.