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Stubhub Community suggestions

Does anyone know where to find the link to the Stubhub Community Dashboard on the stubhub site? There has to be one that I am missing, right? I always have to click on a link from an email notification to go to the site and figured there had to be another way. Yes, I could bookmark the page, but I am thinking more in terms of giving this forum more exposure.


Re: Stubhub Community suggestions

I think the biggest complaint is getting events added so we can list our tickets... the current system isn't amazing to say the least.

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Re: Stubhub Community suggestions


Hey @timlyden! On our help page on StubHub, you will see a link under each topic that reads "Ask the community" and that will direct you here to ask any questions you may have!

Re: Stubhub Community suggestions

There really does need to be a faster and more accessible link to the community home page for the user base.