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Ticket Refund due to Weather

A couple of my friends and I were going to attend the Nets and Cavs game in Cleveland on Monday.  We are college students, and due to the weather (8-12 inches of snow Sunday Night), we will not be able to travel and attend this game.  The thing I am wondering is, how can I get a refund?  My friends were all able to contact customer support and got a full refund, but when I call they tell me I can only resell the tickets? Does not make sense to me...  Let me know what ya think!


Re: Ticket Refund due to Weather

Hi there, as a secondary marketplace, we don't own or sell any of the tickets on-site. If you are unable to attend an event, our best recommendation is to relist the tickets back on site and try to sell to another fan. Regrettably, we are unable to provide compensation unless the event itself is cancelled.

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