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Pit Crew

Why are we doing the work for you?

Suggestion: StubHub staff take time before creating each event's map to crosscheckto ensure it's correct the first time.


Feedback: Why is it that so many of us are here posting map corrections for StubHub when the information is right there for StubHub to access on its own? Is the mapping team just blindly copying and pasting old venue maps to event requests in the hope or assumption that it's correct? We all pay a fee on every ticket we sell through StubHub, as does the buyer, but we're not getting paid to point out StubHub's own mapping mistakes.



Re: Why are we doing the work for you?

That is a great point. I've never been able to figure out why so many maps are incorrect. It's as if they just put up a previous map and then when the actual seating charts come out, they don't bother to double check. 


Re: Why are we doing the work for you?

Hello @ticketmvp and @AT!

We appreciate both of your contributions to the Community and I am happy to answer this for you. Hundreds of events are added to our website each day and we do our best to stay on top of keeping all information up to date and accurate. As for the maps, there are processes that go into ordering maps or changing maps that take a little more time than changing event/ artist info on the page does. So when a map is changed or updated by the primary site, we will monitor to make sure ours matches as well but due to the high volume of events, it is helpful to have customers keeping an eye out as well as we want to make sure these changes are made as fast as possible. I understand it may seem like a lot of changes are needed constantly but I can assure you that it is a small percentage in comparison to the total amount of events on site. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to Private Message one of us and we'll be happy to further explain. But we thank you for all the help you've provided in keeping our pages up to date!