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1099 for 2022

I am seeing conflicting reports of whether or not I will get a 1099 from Stubhub. I had less than 200 transactions but my total sales were more than $600 but less than $20000. I was assuming I would get a 1099 but I havent received one yet as of February 2 and I am seeing that the rule was pushed back to be applicable to sales made in 2023.  Does this mean that I will only get a 1099 for sales in 2022 if I had over 200 transactions or had over $20000 in sales? 


My taxes are all ready to go but not sure if I still need to wait for a 1099 from Stubhub for 2022.


Re: 1099 for 2022

The federal reporting requirement as been delayed until next tax season.  But the $600 threshold still holds if you live in Massachusetts or Vermont so if you don't live in those states then you will not get a 1099K this year.



Re: 1099 for 2022

Hi @jsbowl16 


I am not a tax professional but I beleive you will only receive a 1099 for 2022 if oyu had both more than $600 in slaes AND 200 transactions.  Beginning next year the only thing that matters is the level of sales.

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