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Buyer hasn’t accepted transfer of tickets

I sold mobile tickets and transferred them to the buyer, but they haven’t accepted them yet. How do I know if they received the email? Or thought it was junk?Seems like there ought to be a deadline to claim tickets and CONFIRM on their end they recei...

Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Are you aware of a recent seating, date/time, or venue changes with one of our events? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details (like a rescheduled show) we have on-site versus the primary? With such a large marketplace, we truly appreciate our ...

by Moderator Moderator
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Mobile tickets for a concert

I have tickets for the Michael Bublé concert in New Orleans that I bought off stubhub. They Are in a screenshot format bc I bought them before the update that doesn’t allow screenshot tickets anymore. When they were uploaded to me, someone from stub ...