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Payment on hold

I sold a ticket the other day and received an email about my paypal rejecting the payment. I’ve resolved my PayPal issue and re-entered my information on my stub hub account but my payment is still on hold. How do I release the funds to my PayPal?

Ticketmaster won't let me resell or transfer

Hello there! I'm having an issue of not being able to transfer or sell my mobile tickets. Ticketmaster has the two buttons grayed out. Are there any other options? Let me know – the event is tonight and I'm stressed :0

Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Are you aware of a recent seating, date/time, or venue changes with one of our events? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details (like a rescheduled show) we have on-site versus the primary? With such a large marketplace, we truly appreciate our ...

by Moderator Moderator
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