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No email to accept tickets

Does anyone know how long to wait before you get the email to accept tickets? I ordered on dec 9th, and my status tells me I need to accept the tickets. I’ve followed all the help lines, and I simply don’t have it. How do you request one? Thanks!


I got an email saying not to forget to accept my tickets. I never got the email to accept them I have followed all the steps to get them and still can not. I have never had trouble getting my tickets. I can not get these. All I can see is my order.

Sold tickets, event postponed

Hello.I just sold my tickets for Adele because I can no longer attend however, 30mins after I sold and transferred the tickets, they announced the postponement. Will the sale be processed or will I still able go get my tickets back since I may have t...

Lovers and Friends Fest

Have never sold tickets before and want to sell my Lovers and Friends Festival Luxury VIP travel package but not too sure how it works. Making a final payment next week but all the information is given through a website only. I looked at the instruct...