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Sold Tab Inquiries

I have been buying and selling tickets on Stubhub for years. I am a season ticket holder for two major sports at a major big ten university. I was selling one of my basketball games recently and notcied that I could not longer see the Sold tab, which...

Seller fees increased to 13% from 10%

Up until last week or so, all my listings had 10% seller fees. Starting from last week I started seeing 13% seller fee on one of the most recent listings, and ever since then all the new listings I create shows 13% seller fees. Used the customer serv...

Ship Notification Suggestion

I have a suggestion for the automated shipping notifications. If UPS tickets are sold anytime after 8pm Friday night, UPS hubs are usually closed for the weekend. The earliest time to drop off and update tracking info would be Monday morning. I sold ...

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Re: Ticket & Delivery Concerns - FAQ

Why is StubHub setting minimum prices for events like Yankees games, section by section, without informing either buyers or sellers that you are doing so? It seems like this practice hurts both buyers AND sellers, while benefitting your partners. Nor...

Historical Sales Data

Is there a way to see historical sales data for events that you've previously sold tickets to? I used to be able to access an address similar to the URL below, but it appears that the page has finally been removed. This data has been extremely import...