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How do I gift mobile tickets that I purchased?

I purchased two mobile tickets for my fiance for Christmas to the Dallas / Redskins game on December 29th. How do I transfer the tickets to him? Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to go with him due to health problems and need to get them trans...

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Apology and Feedback

Hi Stub Hub! I wanted to reach out about a situation that happened on Friday night. My husband and I flew from ATL to NYC to see Hamilton on Broadway. We were so excited! On the train to the city we got an email saying that the seller had sold our ti...

surcharge to sell??

I bought 4 tickets to the Ravens/49ers game- I only needed 3. My brother posted one ticket to sell and stub hub gets another cut??? So I paid $165 in fee to buys and I lose another $100.00 to sell it? Is this true

by LMV
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Live Interview with Didi Gregorious

NY Yankee shortstop, Didi Gregorious, chatted with StubHubs Daron Fowlks at our Flagship office.

Watch the Replay here!
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