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Buying Tickets - FAQ

StubHub is a ticket marketplace where fans can come to buy and sell tickets from one another. Being that we are a marketplace, StubHub does not own or list tickets found our site. Have questions before you buy? Keep reading for some frequently asked ...

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Ticket & Delivery Concerns - FAQ

Tickets Q: How do I know my tickets are real? A: No need to worry about your tickets! StubHub has reviews in place that cover all accounts, purchases, sales, and listings. The reviews help make sure issues with your tickets are rare. Q: The name is d...

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How do I get my mobile transfer tickets?

To view your mobile transfer tickets, you'll need to accept a ticket transfer to view them on your mobile device. 1. When they're ready, we'll send you an email letting you know to either: Check your email for a transfer offer from Ticketmaster or th...

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What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

We know these are frustrating experiences which is why we make sure to keep our fans informed through emails if there has been any change in the status of their event. Once confirmed, any info we have on the rescheduled date will be included in the e...

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Event postponed

I bought two tickets for Stormzy for last September. It got delayed twice. Now when I log in Tomy profile, I can’t even see the ticket. There is no way of contacting stubhub to discuss it. Can anyone help?

Purchased tickets

Hi all I purchased tickets and have a confirmation number and my credit card was charged; however, I never received the tickets on the day of the event and it just says they will be on the way shortly

Seat Numbers Look Off

Hi,I recently purchased tickets for a Yankees game, but the seat numbers look off. When I bought the tickets, there were no seat numbers showing, but after my order, it shows seats numbers that do not exist in that section. It also says that the tick...

Wallet Code Inactive

I received a 120% refund from a cancelled event. I have typed in the code at checkout and it says add promo error. I have tried adding the code to my wallet and it states that the code is inactive. I have also been told the code was added to my accou...

Email not loading

The ITM concert was posted due to covid in 2020 and now I'm trying to get my tickets off my email that was sent and it always goes to 502 error bad gateway no matter what browser I use, and my tickets are not showing in my orders on the website but I...

Transfer Cancelled

I purchased my tickets for subtronics from here. When the transfer to my axs account was supposed to occur they cancelled it before I could claim my tickets, now they are probably being resold. There was 4 minutes between the email sending the ticket...

ticket transfer cancelled

I purchesed a couple tickets to a Garth Brooks concert in las Vegas and I recieved an email from the seller saying the tickets were transfered, however before I could accept them I recieved another email from the seller saying he cancelled the ticket...

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Missing refund help please

I had a 120% credit for a show that was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19. I called to obtain a refund instead and was told by a customer service representative that a refund would be processed. I've yet to receive a refund. It's been months at this ...