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Subscriptions & Notifications

When you subscribe to a thread or board, you will stay up to date on a post you're following or on what's being talked about within StubHub Community. To subscribe to a board or thread, select "Options > Subscribe" in the upper right-hand corner of t...

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How to Add Favorites to the StubHub App

Adding favorite events and artists in the StubHub app is easy, follow along with these steps to add your own favorites! 1. Download the StubHub app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. 2. Search for an artist, team, event, or venue and tap the heart...

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How do I update my default address?

Login to your profile page Tap Settings Tap Contact To update your Primary Address > Tap on the pencil icon next to the Primary Contact Update your name, address, and/or phone number, and tap Save PS. To update you...

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Can't add direct deposit

When I try to add my direct deposit information a little sub window saying "Confirm Account Number" that I can't interact with pops up, my routing and account information are correct.

Trying to change card information

I have “sold” a ticket to a customer. I know I will not be paid until after the event takes place, however I noticed the card on file in my account is no longer in use. I tried to change my card info but my screen on the laptop and phone will not let...

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Paypal email address

My PayPal address is correct in my profile be the email I got after selling my tickets has my normal email not my PayPal address on it. Am I going to have trouble collecting payment? I have it set up correctly but I'm concerned as the sold email spec...

Deleting a saved credit card?!

How do you delete a saved credit card, i have many that are expired, I'm trying to sell tickets and its defaulting to put the proceeds from my ticket sale on my old credit card that is expired, why is this so complicated?You go into the help system a...

Changing User Name

My Account User Name includes the words "Dear User" at the end.How can I go about deleting "Dear User" from it?

My credit card isn't being accepted.

Every time I enter in my credit/debit card, it's not being accepted and one more failure my account will be locked. I just moved and entering my new address, would that be the problem?

Cancelled event

The event I had bought tickets for was cancelled. I was on the phone with a customer service rep and I was told I had a 120% credit to my account. I cannot find anywhere that this is located. Can someone help me out. I am not on the app, I was alread...

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