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Event date and time changed due to coronavirus

Hi,I am selling tickets to an event where the date and time has been changed due to the cornavirus. I have already made a post under the Incorrect Event Info sticky. So far the date and time for the event has not been changed. Now I am getting emails...

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Payment says complete, but no money received.

I sold tickets almost 3 weeks ago, and on my ‘payments’ it says that my payment was completed/paid today (Saturday, April 4th). However, no money has been deposited into my account. Although it says complete on here, is it possibly processing through...

EDC Vegas

Hi, EDC Vegas has postponed its dates and I am not unable to attend. They have announced they will be providing refunds. (see below) Will Stubhub provide support in obtaining these refunds? Thanks!

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NEW Incorrect Event Info

Are you aware of recent changes to an event? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details we have on-site versus the primary? Let us know about it by commenting below! To help us address and review the issue as quickly as possible, please make sure ...

Payment rejected by PayPal

I have sold many ticket on stubhub and always got paid through PayPal. I just received an email from stubhub saying they could not process my payment because it was rejected by PayPal. Any idea what the issue would be here?

Cancelled event - want a refund

My event in Ontario, Canada was recently cancelled. I want a refund for my purchase not a credit. Once notified by StubHub of the event cancellation how do a get a refund? I don’t mind waiting but must have a refund not a credit.

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Coronavirus: NBA tickets refund

I would like to know how I can get a refund on my tickets for a game on March 23rd in New York. I have not been contacted about this yet, and the cancellation of the event has already been confirmed. Thank you very much.

2020 bnp pariba open

I purchased tickets through stubhub for the 2020 pnp Pariba Open at Indian Wells. The event was canceled. First I was told I needed to send my tickets back. Then I was told I didn't need to do that. I asked for a refund but now I'm seeing that's not ...

NCAA final four

The NCAA final four was cancelled and they sent me an email asking how I wanted my refund. I selected that I wanted my money back- not a coupon. I still have not received my refund and it has been 3 weeks. I cant get in touch with anyone at stubhub. ...

Posts keep getting deleted.

Why do my posts keep getting deleted? Im genuinely looking for answers for an issue im having and my posts keep getting deleted. Contacted support and they didnt do much. Growing very frustrated.

Niall Horan cancellation

Niall Horan's concert has been cancelled in Houston for July 12th. It's not listed on the list of cancelled events yet. I'm assuming Stub Hub just needs to update the list. Anyone know anything about it?

Covid-19 - MLB Refunds

Hey everyone, Just curious if anyone has received a refund or 120% coupon as stated by StubHub, for an event that has since passed? an email? anything?... I can understand that the global response must be large for StubHub, but it would be nice to at...

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Refund for Canceled Concert

Hi, The Snoh Alegra concert/tour has been completely canceled but the stubhub site says postponed. I contacted stubhub before but nothing was resloved? I received no email about a canceled concert refund after i talked to customer service rep. The co...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact and Refunds

My understanding of StubHub's policy is that if an event is cancelled and the venue issues refunds, StubHub will also issue ticket refunds. My question is related to venues that have adopted a policy to issue refunds for ticket holder who have decide...

Nas Illmatic at Oregon Symphony

Hello, I'm curious if anybody is having the same issue regarding the NAS Illmatic show at the Oregon Symphony that I am having. Show is cancelled due to Covid-19, Oregon Symphony is issuing refunds and has been for a couple of weeks now, Stubhub is n...

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Ticket return to seller

What happens when a buyer doesn't send cancelled event ticket back to the seller (due to being discarded, etc.) ? As the seller, am I just out of luck?

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