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Selling Tickets with Website Problems

This messages is primarily for sellers who are having difficulty in selling tickets, more specifically seeing all your listings. The website is still undergoing the migration to the revised website, and I still have issues. I can only view a handful ...

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Listing MLB tickets from MLB account

It's been two weeks and I still can't post/sell MLB tickets from my MLB account. I "posted" tickets yesterday (Listing No. 5341375751). It auto added the wrong seats and has the listing as expired at 10:00 am 6/25, while the listing says it will be a...


Postings like this should not be allowed. This venue does not require proof of vaccination to enter. The person selling these tickets are asking people for protected health information which is illegal.

Screenshot 2022-06-25 115915.png


Answer the phone, have an email address. Having arrived at a gig last night with 2 excited children to find you sold me 315 of fake tickets,then cannot get through to any customer service to sort it out, can't even say bad customer service, there jus...

Again = the "no rows listed" "feature" is burning me...

Again, my "no rows listed" is burning me - my listing is out there with no listed rows (my seats are GREAT, in the 5th row grandstand at Fenway) but buyers won't touch my tickets because of the "unknown factor".We were originally going to the game to...

Blurry QR Code

I bought Yankee tickets on Stubhub and on my mobile device the QR codes are blurry. I am assuming this is not normal - any advice on how to ensure they are valid? I don't want to fly to NY only to be told my tickets are not valid.. Thanks for any hel...

Transaction Details

Curious as to why there are no tickets on my account to which I paid for in December of 2019 and have been covid rescheduled twice.... As well as why the transaction details on my printed pdf ticket are under another persons name and credit card numb...

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Due Date for Sold Tickets

Sold 2 tickets tonight for game 7 for Stanley Cup Finals. The latest date Stubhub gave me for delivery of tickets is June 27; I'd assumed I'd needed to deliver by end of day, but am now learning it's 00:00, which begins that day. These are season tic...

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