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Tickets Disappeared

I had purchased concert tickets in February for a November concert. I received the email and had my credit card charged but not I cannot see the ticket on my account (I looked everywhere) and the links in the email are all to 'Bad Gateways' i.e. they...

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Selling tickets

I recently sold 2 concert tickets. They were real tickets. Not a pdf. I thought i would be paid when the tickets were delivered but have no been told i would be paid 5-8 days after the event... Is this normal? What happens if the person decides they ...

Purchased Ryder Cup tickets,

I received a message last week from Stubhub regarding Ryder Cup tickets I purchased and was charged for, but have not yet received. I'm a little confused and could use some clarity. The event has been rescheduled for 2021. I would like to keep those ...

NEW Incorrect Event Info

Are you aware of recent changes to an event? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details we have on-site versus the primary? Let us know about it by commenting below! To help us address and review the issue as quickly as possible, please make sure ...

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