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No Ticket Transfer Email or Link To Accept

This is for the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday 12/14/21. I have an email from Stubhub saying ""Seller notified The seller transferred your tickets to [email""Ready - Check your email to accept your tickets."There is no email from the seller or...

Account Locked?

I recently made an account here to sell a couple tickets my partner had purchased. We used a credit card and everything was fine, the issue came when I got an email saying the tickets sold and I just need to provide a payment method. I cannot log int...

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Postponed Elton John tickets

In November of 2019, I bought Elton John tickets for June of 2020. I have the receipt and order number but not the exact seat number because the tickets were flash seat transfers which were coming closer to concert date. Now the concert is reschedule...

Mobile ticket email not sent

Purchased tickets to a hockey game and got the confirmation email that says look out for my tickets that will appear in a separate email. Got an email today that says if I don’t accept my tickets soon, the link to accept them will expire which will p...

Help processing payment

I sold tickets for a show on the 24th and have gotten emails about information needed to process my payment. I had already selected a Paypal account the tickets should be paid to, but I still get this email. What can I do? I've tried calling but the ...

Ticket & Delivery Concerns - FAQ

Tickets Q: How do I know my tickets are real? A: No need to worry about your tickets! StubHub has reviews in place that cover all accounts, purchases, sales, and listings. The reviews help make sure issues with your tickets are rare. Q: The name is d...

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Payment Rejected by PayPal

I have sold a handful of tickets this year and have gotten paid without issue on all of them until the latest sale Stubhub says was "Rejected by PayPal". PayPal says it's a known StubHub issue but I can't find any way to resolve. I have checked my Pa...

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