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Selling mobile tickets from Ticketfly

I am trying to sell 4 tickets I purchased from Ticketfly. Ticketfly sent me the tickets in mobile format, but they do not have an option to transfer to somone else. The ticket format I recieved is .pkpass, not PDF, and I can't upload that format to S...

Liverpool FC Tickets

Looking to purchase a ticket to the Liverpool vs Leicester City game on October 5th. I have read articles that say it is illegal to resell EPL tickets in the U.K. Stubhub offers (with Fan Protect)them but in the delivery, it states "after the event, ...

Fake Tickets

Hello!I recently bought concert tickets on here, and have some concerns that they are fake as they look quite different from any other tickets I have printed out from stubhub. The format seems way different than usual and there is also no price liste...

Gift Code Not Working

Hi! I purchased two expensive tickets a month ago, and Stubhub gave me $30 dollars as a gift! It was added automatically to my account, I can see it in my profile under "gift codes". However, I'm trying to redeem it now, and in the checkout page I ca...

Listings disappeared

I tried to adjust the price on my ticket listing and it completely disappeared. I tried multiple times over several days, it was gone. I tried to relist and got error that these tickets were already listed. However, a serach of the event showed that ...

"Your Payment Is On Hold"

Hi, So I sold some tickets via StubHub & selected Paypal direct deposit. I received an email saying that my payment was on hold & upon further query it said "Rejected by PayPal". I tried looking into this issue & have now verified my Paypal account t...

Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Are you aware of a recent seating, date/time, or venue changes with one of our events? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details (like a rescheduled show) we have on-site versus the primary? With such a large marketplace, we truly appreciate our ...

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