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I bought Padres tickets back when capacity was limited and prices were higher. How can I get refund or trade my tickets for better seats that are less cost?

Delivery Delayed

I bought a ticket for Hard Summer that's happening this Saturday-Sunday, however my delivery has been delayed for days and I don't think I'll get it in time. Can I get a full refund since I didn't even recieve the ticket

My card is locked

After multiple times of validation of my card, my card was locked and I cannot use it now.What should I do to use the card again?

Failure to receive payment

I have not received payment for a sale made on July 5 - Order No. 263999153. You can see the sale on my completed sales page but there is no corresponding payment on the payments page nor a deposit in my PayPal account.

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Make sure tickets are valid

I'm buying tickets for the Philadelphia Phillies for my fiancé's birthday. My worst nightmare would be to purchase tickets and then when we go they not be valid. Is there anyway to make sure the tickets are valid before going to the stadium

Wrong email address

Help! I entered the wrong email address for delivery. I added an extra letter to the email address accidentily. I didn't notice until I got the confirmation and that the tickets were sent. I called stubhub two days ago and they claimed they contacted...

Sold Tickets for Wrong Date

Unfortunately I didn’t realize until after the tickets were sold and transferred that they were for the wrong day. After the concert was rescheduled due to Covid I accidentally mixed up the days as the month changed and the day changed by one. This w...

Ticket delivery

I notice when my tracking number email was sent to me the address was wrong , I tried contacting stub hub no answer I need these tickets in 48 hours how do I get them

Ticketmaster tickets not picked up

I sold two mobile ticketmaster tickets 3 weeks ago for a Foo Fighters concert that is tomorrow. The transfer was confirmed through stubhub, but the buyer has not accepted the transfer or picked up the tickets through ticketmaster yet. I'm concerned t...

Can't accept Tickets. Keep Getting Oops

Can not accept ticket for a concert I purchased. I got the email and link for transfer through Ticketmaster, however when I click, it gives me the error "Oops something went wrong". I have been in contact with Ticketmaster, and they could not help an...

How do I view ticket barcodes on an "expired" listing?

I purchased physical tickets for an event and listed them on Stubhub nearly a year ago. I remember contacting support and being told that after I entered the barcodes, my physical tickets would no longer be valid. I threw them away since I no longer ...

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Tickets never received

I ordered tickets Friday for an event on Saturday. Bank account was charged the correct amount. When the tickets had not come in by 3pm I called stubhub. Was on hold 3 hours with to no avail. Called today and automated machine said wait time was 45mi...

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TicketMaster physical tickets - No barcode

We just purchased tickets for the upcoming Garth Brooks concert that was rescheduled from Stubhub. The tickets were sent via UPS and arrived. However they have no barcode at all on them that I can see. Is this normal? Should I ask for a refund or how...

Wrong seats

I got an email with my tickets, but they are for the wrong (but better!) seats. I can find a number to call. Did I get an upgrade?!

Accepting tickets

When I try to accept my tickets it sends me to ticket master and says I cannot access this account. I have done this the same way for years and now it will not work. I need help getting my tickets.

contact buyer

Hello, I would like to contact the buyer who bought my ticket. I need to say some words on how the ticket will work or additional information that need to be told

Can’t accept tickets

Has anyone had a problem accepting tickets? I got the email and link to accept said it was through Ticketmaster and I every time I click the link the web page says oops something went wrong. I emailed Ticketmaster and called stub hub but it’s a 3 hou...

BTS Tickets disappeared from My Tickets

I purchased BTS Tickets for the Apr 25, 2020 concert. It was postponed due to COVID-19. So, I saved it and continued to look at those tickets until it was ready and they rescheduled their tour dates in Santa Clara, CA. However, I received a notice th...

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Pre Covid, Cancelled Event Refund

I was going to post to ask if anyone else had this problem, but it looks like a good number of people are. I paid $350 for two tickets to an event that was cancelled due to Covid-19 and still have not received my refund. The refund was supposed to be...

Verify if tickets are valid

I bought tickets for John pardi in October but the tickets are from a canceled concert in May. I know people had option to get their money back from canceled concerts. how do I know if my tickets are valid ? If the owner got their money back. Need to...

NEW Incorrect Event Info

Are you aware of recent changes to an event? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details we have on-site versus the primary? Let us know about it by commenting below! To help us address and review the issue as quickly as possible, please make sure ...

Refund for Cancelled Event

I purchased tickets to an event in 2020 that was cancelled due to the pandemic. Apparently, refunds were sent out on May 31st but the account I used to make my purchase is now CLOSED and I have yet to receive a refund. Also, the credit is no longer a...

BTS Refund

HelloI want to get a cash refund on my BTS tickets what are my options?Thank you!

Need Help With Purchased Tickets

I purchased Lukas Nelson tickets for a concert in Raleigh in 2020. The concert was cancelled due to Covid and yet I never received a notification from StubHub. Lukas Nelson is coming back to Raleigh in 2021 and I thought my tickets would be good for ...

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How do I get my mobile transfer tickets?

To view your mobile transfer tickets, you'll need to accept a ticket transfer to view them on your mobile device. 1. When they're ready, we'll send you an email letting you know to either: Check your email for a transfer offer from Ticketmaster or th...

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Confused on what ticket type to select -- first time seller

I purchased tickets through the venue. In my account with them, my tickets are listed as "print at home." When I click to open, they open as a web page and not a .pdf and I am not able to "save as." They also contain a QR Code and a traditional bar c...

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Yankee postponed game

Bought tickets to a Yankee game that was postponed (July 15. COVID) Can’t make the rescheduled date. Value of the game is way lower due to it being a 7 inning DH played on a Tuesday afternoon.Question is, if I can’t sell my tickets, does the original...

Atlanta Braves Suspended Game 7/21

Received an email from Stubhub offering an exchange for any upcoming game in '21 season. They refer to Braves website for info who then defer back to stubhub. Sat on hold for nearly 2 hours with stubhub only to be disconnected. I'm just trying to get...

Atlanta Braves Game Suspended?

Obviously trying to get in touch with StubHub is insane. They won't answer their calls and there is no email to send an issue. Nice. I had tickets to a Braves game on 7/21. It was postponed to 7/23 as the second game of a doubleheader. I bought 2 mor...


Hello, I bought 3 tickets for a Harry Styles concert that was supposed to be on october the 9th at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and i dont see the tickets under my orders, how i can access to the code i need in order to view my tickets, I only have the ref...

Is it a mobile or electronic or pdf for Citi Open tickets?

I bought Citi Open tickets via eTix, the ticket seller for Citi. For either a series ticket or individual, it has a barcode and an order ID for each session, and I printed the tickets at home. So what is that in terms of when I sell it, electronic, m...

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Payment still pending a month after the event

I sold baseball tickets for an event in June and my payment has been in pending status since. I’m supposed to get a team account credit but nothing yet…it’s well past the 15th of the month when credit should have been posted.

There was a problem processing your request

Bought tickets to a baseball game. Ticket said instant mobile download. When trying to view the tickets I get a message saying, “There was a problem with your request. Try again later”. It’s been well over 3 hours since the purchase.I have deleted an...

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View my tickets not working

I purchased mobile tickets, received an email saying they are ready. I found them in my Stubhub app, but when I click "View tickets" my phone gives me the option to open with Adobe (pdf) or Microsoft Word - both of whoch open to a screen that says "T...

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Scammed ticket

So I got scammed here on Stubhub and am trying to find contact info. The only thing I have found is a phone number and each time I call it says a two to three hour wait. Just gave up waiting fifty minutes on the phone. Is there any other way to conta...

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Can’t attend event

I bought 4 tickets to Luke Combs concert for July 2020 concert. They were rescheduled to August 6/21. However, I live in Canada and cannot get across the border to the canandaigua venue. I tried to sell my tickets but couldn’t seem to get it to work....

Not getting paid until after event

If Stubhub waits to pay until after the event what happens if the event is postponed or cancelled, I will never get my money? Why do we send our tickets to the buyer if we won't get paid until after event?

Cancellation fees

I listed 4 tickets on 6/19/21 for a Clippers Suns game to be played on 6/26/21 with $350 listing price. Listed those tickets on Clippers sponsored AXS site as well.Unfortunately both of the listings were sold the same night.AXS, which has the portal ...

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Want to be refunded

We traveled to Boston from California for vacation 7/22-7/28. I purchased 4 Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox tickets for the 7/27/21 Tuesday 7:15pm seats right field box 92 row FF seats 10-13 order #262128080.After a 1 1/12 hour delay in game star...

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Gruene Hall GA Seating

Hello!I am unsuccessfully trying to list general admissions tickets for resale to a Gruene Music Hall concert. Options in the drop down menu for seating are Dance Hall Table and Beer Garden Table. I cannot find a workaround to this nor am I able to c...

Request an Event Form

I have requested several events using the new form on the Stub Hub website with very little success. Two months ago everything I requested for theater events in Chicago was listed rather quickly, but recently I can't get anything listed for popular s...

Listing disappeared after editing

Now the tickets aren't showing up in an active listing but on the ballpark app and season ticket page it says nothing can be done because they are listed for resale. Any advice on how to resolve this? Are there technical issues going on right now? Th...

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Raiders vs Seahawks

I have listed that game today for sale, 4 tickets, section 246, row 12, seats 14-17. It confirmed my input but its not actively listed. Can you help me with this please.TyBart


If I have sent tickets. When do I get paid?If we had to pay immediately

Selling tickets in any quantity

I have season tickets to the Angels baseball team and because I can't go to all 81 home games, I try to sell tickets to the games that I cannot attend. In the past, I was able to click on "Sell any quantity, but don't leave me with a single ticket." ...

listing gone

Logged in my account just now and the one listing I had is gone. Just completely disappeared. In fact, all previous sales info is gone too. Holding to speak to SH agent but don't know what good that will do. I had my brother list it on his SH account...

Bought Tickets with Apple Relay

Hi! So I initially made my stub hub account through apple and hid my email, so apple provided a relay email to stub hub. This relay service basically will block all emails that don’t come from stub hub.Then when I bought tickets for a concert, it say...

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Sold & Transferred tickets to Apple Relay Email

I sold my ticket through StubHub and transferred my ticket through Ticketmaster; however, the only information I was given was their hidden Apple relay email, which, if I'm correct, doesn't allow other emails to come in beyond those directly from Stu...

Transfer tickets

I’ve listed some tickets in stub-hub. The tickets sold. Stub-hub told me it sold and I transferred the tickets. Although, the buyer hasn’t received a confirmation email of her tickets being transferred. Now, I’ve had listed these same tickets on Tick...


Selling 2 Baja Beach Fest tickets for Weekend 1 ! $5000 or best offer. Only serious inquiries please! Dont miss out its gonna be lit !!!!

Where is the stadium picture for selling tickets?

The "Lights on Festival" in Brooklyn isn't showing any picture of the stadium. How is anyone going to buy a ticket without seeing where they're going to sit? Is this a glitch? It's been going on for a day now. I tried on multiple computers but still ...



I'm an idiot. I bought tix for the wrong game / date. Can I get them refunded so that I can purchase the game I want? How do I go about doing this? Thank you.

my refund

I bought tickets to a show that was canceled due to covid. i was given a refund of 120%. when i checked my profile recently to purchase new tickets for a differebt show, the credit no longer shows in my profile. how do i get my refund????

Obtaining refund for Cancelled event

What is the process to obtain a refund for a cancelled Baseball game? They gave me a credit for future purchases, which I do not want.. I just want the orginal purchase price refunded to my payment method. Reading through site the only way to obtain ...

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Tickets don´t appear in the Stubhub App

Hi! So I purchased some baseball tickets a while back, everything good, I could see them on my app and everything. Then about a month ago, when accessing the app it told me that it was no longer available in my country (we´re in mexico, the event is ...

no access code after paying

hi, i just payed for my tickets and went into the app and it asks me for an access code which should have been sent after buying my tickets in the email. i went to see the email but i never received an access code, just the order ID. what do i do?


I purchased tickets using Affirm, once I processed through Affirm the only message that popped up on my screen was that the ticket price changed. The sellar dropped the price a few dollars. Affirm is already processing my payment and I haven't receiv...

Access Code now a Bad Gateway

I purchased tickets for an event that has been rescheduled multiple times due to the pandemic. The access code listed in the email from Stubhub is so old, I can no longer use it to view my tickets. Can a new email with an updated code be sent? The sh...

tickets not in hand for postponed event

hi! I had purchased ticket to the Lady Gaga concert last year which was then postponed and rescheduled to this summer. The tickets were not supposed to arrive to me until right before the concert but I sold them on Stubhub with intentions on selling ...

tickets not in hand to postponed concert

hi! I had purchased ticket to the Lady Gaga concert last year which was then postponed and rescheduled to this summer. The tickets were not supposed to arrive to me until right before the concert but I sold them on Stubhub with intentions on selling ...

Confirming email but No tickets

I received an email saying "your mobile tickets are ready" and telling me to log into my StubHub account to access the tickets and check order details. I have done that and the mobile app says, under "My Tickets" that there are no orders. The tickets...

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Refund for my cancelled Tickets

I bought tickets before trhe pandemic and the events was just cancelled now, a credit was given to my account but I would like a refund back to my card. How can I issue the refund? Also my card has also changed since then.

change ticket to another date

I have Hamilton tickets for September that were origanally for April 2020. None of us can go on the new date in September. How can we change the date for a different time. Calling is a 3 hour wait time. Then how do I transfer my ticket to another fri...

listed tickets for sale for the wrong day

i sold tickets to an event that had two dates in a row in my city, one on friday and one on saturday. i listed them for friday by accident, when the event is saturday. they were immediately purchased and i transferred them to the buyer before i caugh...

Cannot Accept ticket

I purchased tickets last week, for a concert in October and I recieved an email saying my ticket needs to be accepted. Every time I click on "Accept Ticket", it takes me to Ticketmaster and says OOPS something went wrong, let's go back and try again....

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