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Listing Disappeared - Game is Tomorrow

I listed tickets for tomorrows Chargers game against the Cowboys. I got an email confirming it. Everything was fine and now the listing is completely gone. No message that they sold. No update on the listing. Whenever I sign in they are nowhere to be...

Help for customer service!

Is there any way to get a hold of stubhub through email or chat to find out where my payment is for an event I sold tickets to over two weeks ago? I've sat on hold for 2 hours. This is totally unacceptable! They should have a much faster way to conta...

haven't got paid for sold tickets

I sold tickets to an event that happened on Sept 4 and now it is Sept 15. I have not received the money for them. I sold other tickets to the same event and received payment for those tickets around Sept 7, but not for this other set of tickets. Any ...

Tickets not showing in account

I bought tickets in December 2029 before the pandemic, original show was on April 4, 2020 then reset to February 15, 2021 then reset to September 21, 2021 and now my order doesn’t show up in my account so I can resell them as I can’t attend because o...

Missing tickets

Hello. I purchased tickets to a concert and I had an old email that they got sent to. I do not have access to the old email and I tried transferring the ticket to my updated email and they haven't gone there either. If someone could help out getting ...

Wrong email on order

Help! I entered the wrong email address when I checked out as a guest. I do have a Stubhub account with the correct email. How do I get this corrected so I actually receive my tickets to my correct email address? Call wait times are insane so any hel...

Imagine Music Festival 2021 Canceled

I sold my tickets to imagine, which is now canceled. However, it still says payment is pending. Can stubhub go ahead and just cancel the pending payment and pay back the buyers so I don’t even have to be charged to my credit card?

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Payment never received

NEVER received my money. I sold tickets account says payment sent to my bank and is completed but my banks shows no money ever coming in.Waited on hold for 4 1/2 hrs no one ever answered

Have not received my payment

Like everybody else - called you and wasted 1.5 hrs on the phone with no respond from your side.I hav enot receved my payment for Order No. 262763556. Status of payment is completed and PAID howeverI never got a penny for the tickets sold. Am I going...

Price negotiations

This is our first time using Stub Hub. Is there a way buyers can negotiate a price if they're interested in purchasing tickets you have for sale?

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Accidently deleted mobile transfer email

I purchased a ticket for a concert that required a mobile transfer. However, when I received the email I accidentally deleted it while I was decluttering my inbox. The email is not in my trash folder on Gmail, is there any way I could get it re-sent ...

Electronic tickets not valid

Went to venue and my ticket barcode scanned at invalid. The venue said it could be that the owner of tickets also has a hard copy, making the electronic copy invalid but they weren’t completely sure. Does anyone know why this hsppened and how to reso...

Multi day tickets not working

Got tickets to a 3 day event but couldn't go Friday. Went to print my tickets for Saturday, but it says that it is a past event and won't let me print them. THIS IS INSANE. The ticket shows it is a 3 day event, I've messaged on Twitter and sat on the...


Tickets not loading on cellphone or computer for tonights Dead & Co show and it has been this way for at least the last 1-2 hours. Stubhub is not picking up the phone after 35 minutes on hold. What is going on Stubhub? You are no longer reliable and ...

  • 5 Replies

Problem Using My Tickets

Because of problems with the Stub Hub app and browser, at the venue today I could not access my tickets. I want someone from Stub Hub to contact me. I cannot find anywhere on the website or in the app to email. Earlier today I called the Stub Hub cus...

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Why can't I see my tickets ?

Hello, I bought the tickets on 11/13/17 and I received the ticket on 11/14/17. I collected the ticket and then I received a confirmation email which stated that my ticket has been placed in my account and indeed the ticket is appeared under "my ticke...

Parking pass

The parking pass I purchased was not accepted as no one was at the lot to take it. We ended up parking in another place. I would like a refund.

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Tickets Arrived After Event Started

This was the first time I’ve used stub hub. I purchased tickets Sept 1 for the glass animals concert in CLT. The day of the event (Sept 4) I still didn’t have my tickets, and called customer service, on two different occasions on hold for a total of ...

Ticket issue

I sell my mlb season tickets regularly with zero issues. With that said, I have one game pending in my Stubhub account and am unable to activate. Thank you

sold tickets that were invalidated

Hey folks - I sold a ticket to the Second Sky festival in Oakland CA happening Sunday, 9/18. In the process of buying my own tickets for Saturday's second sky, the purchase invalidated my Sunday tickets, which I've already delivered to the StubHub bu...

Ticket refund TaylorRait London Ontario

Got 1st postponement email......didnt get 2nd postponement email in August....now no Sept 7 email about a refund. Now I want a refund. Cant get through to StubHub by phone, email or messenger? Help please!

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Never received tickets

Has anyone had an issue where they never received their mobile tickets? There is no way to contact Stub Hub. You have to wait until 24 hours before event to even call. What good does this do? What if we never get our tickets? Numerous reports of this...

Tickets sent to wrong email

It looks like someone tried to hack my account and changed my email to a disposable email so when I bought tickets it was sent to that fake email and now I am confused on how to get the tickets from the seller sent to the right email

Sharing tickets

I bought tickets for a large group going to the same game but at different times. How can I share the tickets with the other group. Can I take a screen shot of the tickets for them to use and text them the ticket while my group uses the other tickets...

cannot log in

hello i cannot log in to my account. I tried more than 20 times to reset my password but the reset password email is not arriving to my account. repeatedly tried to call the customer service center but they hang up after two hours. kindly advise

Sale canceled unjustly

I just had a sale canceled by stubhub for tickets that I had sold, after having delivered and transferred the tickets as promised through Ticketmaster (and had even confirmed the transfer through StubHub). It just makes no sense, I have of course now...

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Never received tickets

Purchased tickets through the app. Not sure what happened but they never arrived. Said to wait until the day before the event for them to arrive but they never did. Substitute tickets were offered whenever I select the link to check on the status of ...

barcode not showing up

Purchased a ticket for today's Cardinals game. The ticket that comes up on the app has no barcode. Also noticed that the order number changes when I pull up the ticket. On hold with customer support for 1.5 hours, game is in 2 hours.

Where are my tickets?

I bought tickets but never got a promised email with acceptance. My event BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NASCAR is TODAY! Sept.18. Can’t get hold of ANYBODY! Held on the phone for hours and my call was dropped! What the heck! Don’t take peoples money if you can’...

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Didn’t receive my ticket!

I bought a ticket for Eric Prydz at Factory 93 in Los Angeles. Event is in 2 hours & i still haven’t received the ticket & i’ve been on hold for 1 hour! what is this customer service! plz advise asap…when i log in to my profile it shows that ticket i...

  • 2 Replies

Haven’t received tickets in email

We bought tickets and received only 2 out of the 4. The other 2 were not sent. We contacted customer service through the number, and were sent new tickets. We got the confirmation email, however the email with ticket acceptance has not come in. The e...

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Getting ticket s

Hi ,So I ordered tickets to be shipped for a machine gun jelly concert on October 31 . For some reason I didn’t get the confirmation email but it is listed in my account that it should be at my house by October 27 th . Is there anyway I could get an ...

Transfer tickets from phone to buyer

I need to sell 3 Hamilton tkts. that I've transferred to my phone. The venue only accepts mobile tkts. Is there a way to sell them on StubHub and then transfer from my phone? I can't figure it out...help! Thank you.

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