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Credit on my account, how long valid?

I'm from the Netherlands and for a vacation last year to Florida i had bought tickets for a Miami Marlins game as well as for a Tampa Bay Rays game. Total value aprox 650,- Usd.

Due to Covid situation needed to cancel our vacation and received a credit amount on my account for these tickets.  First question ; Where can i see my credit amount? When i log in i don't see anything.

Second question ; how long is this credit amount valid?  Currently still no possibilities to travel to the US and it seems that this will not be before 2022.    Do i still have this aprox 650,- value on my credit account by then?

If not i would like the total amount being restituted to my credit card?

Thnx info and stay safe! rgds from the Netherlands, Camiel


Re: Credit on my account, how long valid?

That is a great question. The credits are good for a full year after they are issued, but if you're not able to use the credit in that time, you can reach out here to one of our moderators and we'll help you out.