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Paypal email address

My PayPal address is correct in my profile be the email I got after selling my tickets has my normal email not my PayPal address on it. Am I going to have trouble collecting payment? I have it set up correctly but I'm concerned as the sold email specifically states my personal email as my PayPal payment address.



Re: Paypal email address

That is a great question. The email that we send correspondence on is the one that you used to set up the account and won't have any effect on the payment. In order to pay out at all we could only pay to the PayPal account you linked to your StubHub account. So no need to worry. As long as your PayPal is linked, you shouldn't have any problems at all accepting payment. But if you have more specific questions, feel free to send a private message to me or any of the other moderators. We're always happy to help.