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Watch our latest Backstage Pass interview with Utah Jazz Point Gaurd, Mike Conley to snag a 10% off promo code for NBA tickets until December 11th! Mike visited our Salt Lake City office and answered questions from Beyond members, StubHub experts, as well as StubHubs Vice President, Daron Fowlks.
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Questions for Mr. Conley:

Who’s the nicest player on the Jazz?
Who’s the hardest to guard in the NBA, now and that you played against?

Who’s the best defender in the NBA, now and that you played against?
Is there a player or team you are most looking forward to play against, if so who?
You hit the game tying three against the Oklahoma City Thunder to send it into overtime in the playoffs, what was going through your mind?

Who’s the best all around player that you’ve played with and who do you enjoy playing with most now and why?
Who’s the person with the most potential in the league and how do you see your Jazz team members developing with your leadership?


Very enjoyable! Thanks for doing this.