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Team Mascot

Any way to verify tickets?

I know about the 100% fan guarantee but is there any way to verify specific tickets ahead of time? We are driving 12 hours to a concert (with kids, lol) and I sure don’t want to get there and discover we can’t get in.

Re: Any way to verify tickets?

Every purchase on StubHub is covered by their FanProtect Guarantee where they certainly want to help and ensure you're attending your event. Issues are rare to happen when you buy from stubhub but they have you covered if there were any. 


Being that Stubhub is a marketplace, they are not able to fully review tickets but do have tons of reviews in place that go into ensuring their  fans are having a good time. If you have issues, you are more than welcome to reach back out to the StubHub Community. Just send a private message to a moderator if you do and they will gladly assist.


enjoy the show!