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Buying from StubHub & Selling the same tickets to a new buyer on StubHub

  • Hi, I am from Australia and bought tickets to a US event about two years ago.
  • Then covid hit so decided to sell the tickets rather than waste them - I did lose money of course but it is a lot of money so better to get something back.
  • Since then the concert has been scheduled a few times and recently moved from a 14 January 2022 (today) concert to an August date.
  • StubHub have asked me to upload my ticket for the new buyer.
  • I believe that there might be a date in the system that nominates the date to upload them now. However I dont know how to fulfil this request as it is not obvious that I have received the tickets from the original StubHub seller.
  • I think the tickets I bought were Instant download tickets. If so, I dont know how to download those tickets and upload them in the relevant timeframe.
  • Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?
  • The FAQs dont cover this scenario and the Australian phone number to call has been disconnected.
  • There doesnt appear to be any other communication for me to contact StubHub directly.
  • I would be very grateful. Thank you!

Re: Buying from StubHub & Selling the same tickets to a new buyer on StubHub

Apologies! The StubHub North America team is no longer able to see orders, listings, or sales for international events. Since we’re no longer part of the same company, please email with your first/last name, email address, and best phone number. Please include any order/sale/listing IDs you have and a brief explanation of how they can assist. Their turnaround time is approximately 48hrs.