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Can't view tickets to football game that is tomorrow!

Please help!

I've used Stubhub before and don't recall having this kind of trouble. 

I purchased four tickets to a football game that is tomorrow (Saturday). I received a confirmation email from Stubhub and an email that says my tickets are ready. 
When I log into the Stubhub app on my phone, however, I can't get anything to show after I click on the "My tickets" button. 

Instead, I see a page that says, among other things, my order info, "Event status: Confirmed"
A small graphic that lists the Section number, Row number and the Seat numbers. 
And a message that reads, "Ticket is ready. It's a mobile ticket. Please view your ticket on mobile device."

Below that are two buttons. One says "Get tickets" and the other says "NativeApp? Download Offline Tickets."
When I click on "Get tickets," the app alerts me that a "new authenticatino code" has been sent to my email address. 

When I enter that six-digit code, nothing happens. No tickets. No further instructions. 

Any ideas what's going on? I am desperate. We leave in the morning. 
I can't afford to buy four more tickets. 

Thank you. 

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