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Delivery and Contact Issues

I was told something was wrong with the shipment of my tickets. I contacted UPS immediatly and they told me that i'd have to settle this out between stubhub and I. I contacted stub hub and was on the line for 3 hours, I was completely tired and exhuasted as I had just gotten off work at 5 AM. The gentleman who helped me was kind and all but he made everything very confusing to me. At the end he told me "Wait so you are the receipnt? I thought you were the seller."... Yeah what a way to end a 3 hour conversation... after this we talked about what the issue was, and to be short I gave the corrected information. Afterwards he told me he'd call me back later to let me know what was happening. I answered but to my dismay the line was just cut short, not once... but twice. I called back but the line is just taking forever to learn about what's updated. It would have been nice to maybe get an alert that something has changed, but now im just left in the open of not knowing if my problem was fixed and if my tickets are going to get here before, or if I have to figure it all out from scratch again.