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General Admission Tickets received without bar code

i recently purchased tickets for a Stick Figure concert (all General Admission).  I received the email to "Accept Tickets" which I did.  The tickets show up in my Ticketmaster account but do not have bar codes and a banner is across the top that says Delivery Delay.  My concert is in 15 days.  I'm not having any luck with Stubhub to get information on this to see if it is legit.  My concern is I'm traveling 400 miles to visit my daughter and go to this and I fear we won't be able to get in.  Anyone else experienced this?


Re: General Admission Tickets received without bar code

Hi @Bnratkins89 


Often times Ticketmaster and the venue will put a delay in place and the barcodes will not show up until a few days before the event.  You can try emailing Ticketmaster and asking them when the delivery delay will be lifted.

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