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Zamboni Driver

Gift Card Not Working

I received a gift card from a buddy for a birthday gift back in January.  It was for $50 and states there were no fees or expiration on the card.  There was a show I was going to buy a ticket for and decided to enter the code.  The scratch off was completely intact at the time of use.  Once I exposed it I entered it in the box and I got an "invalid code" error message.  I checked with my buddy to determine the point of purchase and he said it was on ebay but through Best Buy directly.


Is there a way for you to tell if they didn't activate the code?  He bought at least 2 more and both of those worked when he used them.  To reiterate I am using the code/pin in the scratch box (not the barcode) and triple checked for accuracy (even using caps since that's how it's put on the card.  


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Re: Gift Card Not Working

Hi @IowaGuy,


So sorry for the trouble with this! Typically, our gift cards with a pin scratch off area have a few different long numbers under the barcode. The gift card number itself would be the one to the lower left side, and then you'd enter the pin from the scratch off area. 


If this doesn't resolve the problem, please send me or any Community Moderator a private message with your email address and zip code (in addition to the gift card details). We're happy to help!