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Horrible experience

I purchased tickets for my husband's 60th birthday to the Mets Spring Training game scheduled for March 2023.  He is a huge Mets fan.  I bought them in November in section 13, behind the Mets dugout.  When the mobile tickets arrived via e-mail, they were in section 106, not section 13.  I called customer service who said that I hadn't bought them for section 13.  I explained repeatedly that I had.  Ultimately, I was advised to sell those tickets on their site and purchase new ones.  Of course, the new tickets in the section I wanted were double the price.  While searching for new tickets in section 13, I found the very tickets I had listed and again they showed in section 113, not 106.  This was crazy.  To list my tickets, I simply used the feature in Stubhub to automatically list tickets that you had purchased through them.  How could tickets that were in section 106 be showing for sale in section 13?.  I called back to customer service and after more than 2 hours and 4 transfers, and after sending screen shots showing that my listed tickets were showing as being in section 13, it was determined that there was indeed a problem with my tickets.  They explained that because I didn't manually enter the tickets for sale but simply relisted them, the same issue occurred showing them in section 13 when they were actually for section 106.  I told them that this proved that I had indeed bought them originally for section 13.  I was told that I would have to relist the tickets but this time to manually enter the ticket information so that they would show in the right section.  Because the game is now in just a few weeks, there were very few seats for the section I wanted (on Stubhub or other sites) and they were much higher.  If I had not already purchased flights and hotels, I would have just said to hell with it.  However, this was a special gift for my husband and I wanted to get him the seats that I told him that he was getting on his birthday (which happens to be on Christmas Day).  I contacted StubHub again and asked them to make this right.  I said at a minimum that they should refund me the fees charged for having to purchase the right tickets.  I was told that they wouldn't do this.  This is a real bait and switch scenario.  You think your purchasing one thing and get another.  I was defrauded and forced to buy additional tickets and can only hope that the original tickets sell.  Of course, after they keep their fees for the tickets I had to relist (assuming they sell) and charging me fees for the replacement tickets I had to buy, I have spent a lot of money.  Keep in mind that spring training tickets are normally around $35 per ticket.  I have now paid $104 for the first set of fraudulant tickets (including StubHub fees) and $210 for the correct tickets (with the Stubhub fees).  So I expected Stubhub to make it right.  At least refund the fees that I was forced to pay because of the fraud.  However, after speaking to a total of 7 people, I was told that nothing can be done.  No one should have to go through this.  When I called and told them that they delivered tickets to a section that I didn't purchase, they should have immediately made sure that I got the tickets that I ordered originally.  They didn't seem to believe me until I was able to show them proof through screen shots.  I have spent half a day of my life and over $300 and no one seems to care.  This is ethically wrong.  Come on Stubhub, make this right!

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