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Re: Mobile Tickets

Good question! To access Coyotes tickets you have to download the NHL App and select the Coyotes as your team.  So it really would depend on whether or not that app was available for your device and how the team formats the app.  


Ultimately, if you're unable to access your mobile tickets and you have completed the acceptance process, you can go to the Box Office to have them printed.

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I just bought concert tickets. Should the email from Flashseats with the instructions for downloading of the tickets become available at the time I purchase the tickets or when the tickets become available in a few days? Thank you!

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Re: Flashseats

Great question! You'll receive the instruction on how to obtain those tickets once the seller sends the ticket transfer request. 

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Can't get tickets

When I press "Get Ticket" but no any display.

And I saw the message "You will need to set up a Flash Seats account to access your tickets ( instructions will be included in order confirmation email )".

Please let me know how can I solve the problem.



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Re: Can't get tickets



With the tickets you bought, sounds like they're mobile transfer though Flash Seats! You'll need to is create an account on Flash Seats with the same email you gave on StubHub to access the tickets there. Send me or any of our moderators a private message if you're not seeing them though. Happy to help to get your tickets!

Can I print Flash Seats?

I purchased tickets on Stub Hub which included a parking pass. These tickets and parking pass were transfered to flash seats and I am unable to print a paper copy of the parking pass on stubhub nor flash seats.

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Re: flash seats parking pass

Hey! The ticket transfer would be for mobile tickets so you wouldn't be able to print them out. If the parking pass was included in the transfer, then you just need to pull up the pass in your Flash Seats account at the lot to have it scanned in. Hope this helps!


how do I use "mobile" tickets without a smartphone?

Suppose I don't have a smartphone. I've paid for the ticket, and now it turns out I need to install a stupid app to use it? A ticket is just a QR code. I'm pretty sure no sane venue would require an app to scan a QR code, so it's clearly StubHub being a Google+ wannabe, trying to push the app that nobody wants or needs.


I'd like to print my ticket. How do I do that?!

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Re: how do I use "mobile" tickets without a smartphone?

Hello there! The delivery method is chosen by the venue because they will be the ones scanning the tickets and some have the ability to be printed out but it depends on the event you are attending. If you private message us what event you have purchased, we are happy to look into any printing options that may be available for you.

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What happens when I buy Mobile Tickets?

I have never purchased mobile tickets before but I have for an NHL game. I downloaded the StubHub app and my "order" is there but not the "tickets". In reading the confirmation e-mail it states I will receive two e-mails with instructions on how to access the scan code for the tickets ON THE DAY of the event?


We will be travelling overnight for this game. I don't want to get down there and not be able to access my tickets on the day of the game. Does anyone know if the tickets become available/viewable before the day of the event? When I purchased I honestly thought I would have had the option to print something instead of using my phone. These are a Christmas Gift and it stinks that I cannot really print anything off. Thanks!