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I want aisle seats when attending events

I want aisle seats when going to a concert, game, or show . . . and am willing to pay for them, but certainly not blindly.


Unfortunately, StubHub caters to sellers who insist on hiding seat locations/numbers. 


What's the 'workaround' for buyers in this situation?


Re: I want aisle seats when attending events

I am a large seller and I don't hide my seat numbers unless there is a security concern. Most sellers who are selling aisle seats will include that information as aisle seats usually sell for more money. Look for the little flag icon next to individual listings, then click on the listing, that is usually a notation that the tickets you are buying are aisle seats. 


Large sellers react to what the market demands. If you demand seat numbers take the extra few minutes and look at all of the listings. Some have the seat numbers listed and others don't. Buy the ones with seat numbers listed. If enough of the market starts doing this more large sellers will get onboard with listing their seat numbers when possible.