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National ticket outage 11/6

Hi - when can we expect to receive refunds for events that we were unable to attend or missed significant portions of the game due to your national website outage on Saturday, 11/6? StubHub guarantees all tickets are valid - as stated on the website "Get valid tickets to any event or your money back." By your ticket network failing, you failed me as a customer and I would like a refund of my ticket prices. Please confirm when customers will hear from StubHub related to refunds for your national outage.


Re: National ticket outage 11/6

I had same experience. I missed half of the TCU/Baylor game when I could not download my ticket. After trying for the 1st quarter sitting outside the stadium trying, I thought it was my cell service so I walked a 1/2 mile to a bar, got on WI-FI and still couldn't download the ticket. Finally after another 30 minutes of phone resets and trying, the ticket popped up. Never have been so frustrated.


I'm looking for at least a 50% refund, but it should be 100% for the agrivation and brain damage.