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Ticket Fraud

So I purchased an E ticket for BTS concert on October 6th in New York. The ticket won't be available to me until October 2nd. What I'm worried about is it being fake. BTS is performing in LA today and a fan was turned away after camping out for two days because their ticket was fake. She bought if off stubhub. I've had to book a hotel, bus ticket and take time off from work, but more than that i would be disappointed to be turned away at the venue. Is there any way to check the authenticity of my ticket before October 6th?

Re: Ticket Fraud

Hey @Ariel_ARMY! We can completely understand the concern but these are truly rare situations!  We don't have a way to officially verify tickets but we do make sure you're covered 100% with our FanProtect Guarantee.  In the extremely rare event there is an issue we recommend contacting us ASAP as we will do what we can to find you comparable replacement tickets and if that isn't possible, you'll get a full refund!