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Tickets seem too cheap...

I'm looking to buy tickets for Bikini Kill on May 2 at the Hollywood Palladium and they're currently selling for well below face value, which makes me nervous since they were such a hot commodity when those first shows were announced.  Is this a case of the market evening out and supply actually exceeding demand (for just that show, since the others are still pretty pricey) or should I be hesitant to buy one of the cheaper tickets?


Re: Tickets seem too cheap...

You hit the nail on the head. They slowly announced shows over a week period. This one was probably one of the last ones for the west coast. Kings theater was the last announced shows for NY. The market was flooded with leftovers.

You are pretty safe buying them, you may even want to wait even more for the price to drop. These shows are Mobile transfer, so as long as the buyer transfer them to you and you accept are good. Their barcodes are voided.