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Tool - ticket concern

I bought two tickets a few weeks ago for the upcoming Tool show at Atlanta State Farm Arena (1/28).  Having not yet received them, I checked out these forums to see what others are experiencing.  I was a little troubled to see the large volume of folks that have sold or are attempted to sell tickets to this show but are not able to transfer tickets via Ticketmaster for whatever reason.  I am pretty concerned that I won't get my tickets and would like to understand how to proceed from here.  I don't want to wait to the day before the show to find out that I can no longer go or that there is some other problem... What guaratees exist to help ease my concerns, or what options do I have to get my money back now if I'm only going to be able to buy resale tickets via Ticketmaster for this show?


Re: Tool - ticket concern

@Blink Hi there! Thank you for reaching out about this! I totally understand the concern (this tour is incredible!!) but you do not have anything to worry about! You are 100% covered by our FanProtect Guarantee ( which means you are guaranteed to receive the tickets you purchased on the date promised by the seller and that they will be valid. If anything happened, we would do everything possible to replace the tickets with comparable or better tickets so you still get into the show (or issue a full refund if replacements are not available, but our job is to get you into the event and we take our job seriously, so we truly do everything we can to make that happen before just issuing a refund). As a secondary marketplace, we wouldn't be able to cancel/refund the order as we couldn't cancel a valid sale on the seller but if you did not want to keep the tickets, you could relist them for sale and then purchase tickets on another site. If you have any further questions or concerns, definitely feel free to send me (or any moderator here) a PM and we'll be happy to help in any way that we can!