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Two sellers cancelled transfers, StubHub says transfer completed

I purchased a ticket to a game yesterday. I received a ticket transfer email from the seller, then five minutes later, another email that they were cancelling the transfer. Hours later, I received an email from StubHub allowing me to choose an alternative ticket. I picked a replacement, and then received a Ticketmaster transfer email from the second seller, immediately followed by an email that the second transfer had been cancelled.


On my "Orders" screen, it shows in green "Tickets Transferred", so it seems that StubHub isn't aware the second seller cancelled, and thinks all is well. Any suggestions for how to proceed so that I can attempt to choose another alternative ticket?


Re: Two sellers cancelled transfers, StubHub says transfer completed

Hi @pistons248 


I would suggest you either call 866-788-2482 or send a dm to @TeamStubhub 

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