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Help! I can't locate my seats in the concert venue seating chart. Are my tickets good?

Hi there!  I recently purchased tickets to BTS in LA.  The tickets I purchased were for section VIP111 Row 25 Seats 201 and 202.  I went to the Ticketmaster seating chart for the event (which I couldn't get to at the time I bought the tickets), and it looks like that section only goes up to Row 19.  I tried to contact Stubhub to contact the seller regarding the tickets, but I haven't heard back yet.  I also saw some other tickets being sold on Stubhub that were in higher rows than what Ticketmaster is showing.  But I'm so curious how one would have bought those tickets on Ticketmaster to resell if they aren't even available to buy from Ticketmaster.  I know Stubhub will honor the money if the tickets aren't good, but I'm very concerned about the tickets themselves as I really want to go to the concert.  Any suggestions for how I might verify other than contacting the seller?


Thank you!


Re: Help! I can't locate my seats in the concert venue seating chart. Are my tickets good?

The seller probably did this intentionally as they were trying to mask the row since this is a high profile event and they didn't want to risk the chance of having the tickets voided by Ticketmaster or the promoter for resale. Now I personally would never list them in a row that doesn't exist but it does happen because the sellers aren't aware of the actual number of rows. If you have any concern contact a moderator on this forum or call StubHub directly and relay your concerns to StubHub. It should then reach out to the seller for further clarification. Hope everything works out.