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March Madness - Sessions

Good morning,


Planning on buying NCAA March Madness First Round all session tickets. March 16 & 18. Does anyone know how these will be broken out?


March 16 has two sessions - will I recieve tickets for ea session or just tickets for that day? 


March 18 - I'm assuming these will be their own ticket seperate from anything on the 16th.


Re: March Madness - Sessions

The sessions are separated but we have listings that include both sessions or just each individual session. You can find all the dates and session breakdowns here


So if you buy the "All Sessions" for a specific day, it'll be all of those. So if you bought it for the 16th, you'd need to purchase again for the 18th, unless the listing itself advertised the entire weekend or 3-day timeframe. 


Hopefully that helps, but if you have more questions or if we can clarify anything further, please let us know. 

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