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Roger Waters Tour

Has anyone heard an update on the Roger Waters Tour? Been months since it was postponed and I paid alot for a ticket and would like to know the status of this. Please advise if you know anything. Thank you!
Rock Star

Re: Roger Waters Tour

Hi Splaner


Im in the same boat as I have tickets for him in NY.  Unfortunately there ahs been no update - and it is up to Roger and his promoters and the venues to determine if they will continue to postpone or reschedule.   He joins a long line of artists - Jerry Seinfeld, Sheryl Crow, Phil Lesh, BTS who have postponed their tours.  As the artists want to hold onto their money I suspect that the shows will eventually be rescheduled and not cancelled.

Team Mascot

Re: Roger Waters Tour

Hi all,

I too am in same boat...out of pocket a lot of $$ for tix for Roger Waters Sept 2020 Pepsi Center show.

Got below terse reply in Feb 2021 from Roger Waters admin

"Summer 2022 tour dates will be announced soon."

That was back in early February, nearly 2 months ago (not sure what they mean by "soon"). I twice requested refund, since we have no idea if we will even be able to make a show in 2022! IMO it is BS the are holding onto everyones $$ for so long whereas other shows that we had tickets for were refunded by the end of 2020. I understand postponing for a while but 2 years and holding onto our $$ that long (2 years!!) is pretty unscrupulous.