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Advertising a listing

I wish Stubhub offered the opportunity to link my listings to social media- Does anyone know if this is a possibility or other possibilities of advertising a listing?


Re: Advertising a listing

I wish there was a way to self promote listings as well! and even incent folks or reduce sell fees for promoting the site!
I posed a similar question a while back:

Re: Advertising a listing

As of right now I don’t believe that there is an option for this, the best available solution in my opinion is linking directly to the checkout page of your listing. There is a functionality to integrate your social media platform to connect to friends, to see who is on SH.

Re: Advertising a listing

I love the idea of stubhub being the middle man marketplace for ticketselling.  It would be great if you could have a private listing for less fees.  if you find the people, they handle the transaction.