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Team Mascot

Annoyed that a very large broker bought my ticket

For being a Fan to Fan site, StubHub support could care less that my ticket sold to a massive broker based on the other side of the country (it's quite obvious by the shipping label).  I priced it very reasonably for another fan to grab, and it's going to a broker who is going to turn it right around.

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Moderator Moderator

Re: Annoyed that a very large broker bought my ticket

Thanks for reaching out to our community to share that feedback. As a secondary market, Stubhub's number #1 goal is to create a safe environment for buying and selling tickets.


We also want to maintain an open market for anyone to buy and sell tickets. Regardless of who purchases the ticket, our focus is, once you've listed at the price you want, helping you find a buyer and making sure you get paid for that sale. We don't want to control who is allowed to purchase any particular listing.