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Dropped Sale Charges



I dropped a sale in August because I already returned my tickets to Carnegie Hall, the box office, and forgot to withdraw my listing. Once I noticed that there would be a dropped sale charge, I searched the Carnegie Hall website and get an idea of the amount I might owe. The tickets I returned to Carnegie Hall were relisted (same section, same seat) at the time of my failure sale, and the price was much lower than the cost of the so-called "replacement tickets".


Should I argue with Stubhub that I should pay less for the penalty? The penalty they charged me is nearly 80% of my listing price. I have a screenshot of the available tickets on the official website when and after I dropped the sale.


Re: Dropped Sale Charges

Hello @reginameng, sorry for any confusion! When a seller cannot fulfill their sale on our site, we locate replacements from the other available listings on StubHub. We do not source tickets from a primary vendor or purchase inventory, as this is not our business model.