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Field Box Seats not showing up in Mobile app or mobile browser

Selling tickets to the World Basebal Classic in Miami and found a glitch when searching for your listing. I have field box seats that all have a letter row. Your listing will not show up within a mobile app or mobile browser. The only rows displayed for sale are the numbered rows. 


For example, in LoanDepot Park, field box seats are lettered rows Section 9 Row H Seats 1, 2, 3. These are right behind the first base dugout.  When looking for the listing on a pc/laptop browser, the seats appear with no issue. However when you search within the mobile app / mobile browser (Chrome,Safari, etc), you will only see listings with the number rows which are higher up in the stands. Section 9 Row 2 Seats 1,2,3. 


So since most people use the moble devices to search on Stubhub, those sellers selling tickets in field box seats with lettered rows are at a disadvantage and seller listings will not be seen by mobile device users. For this I have lost many potential sales and of course stubhub dismisses this fact. There are quite a few checks and balances the programers of this app have missed which creates issues for the light to mid level sellers.

Stubhub really need to audit their system check and balances and stop screwing the sellers. 


Horrible experie 

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