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How do I sell mobile tickets that weren't bought on stubhub?

Hi, I'm new to using stubhub. I recently bought tickets for a concert from Ticketfly and purchased them as the "mobile" version of the tickets. But now I want to sell these tickets. 


How do I sell the mobile version of these tickets? Can I sell them, even if they weren't originally purchased from Stubhub? 


I guess what I'm confused about is how this process works. I already tried listing my tickets for sale here on stubhub and marked the listing option as "mobile" tickets. However, there's no explanation of how that actually works. When I made the listing it didn't say how to sell them as mobile tickets or ask for any information in order for me to sell them correctly.


I'm afraid that someone might purchase them, and then for some reason, maybe the mobile tickets won't transfer or something. 


I deactivated the listing for now. But can anyone clarify this for me? 


Re: How do I sell mobile tickets that weren't bought on stubhub?

Do you have PDF's of the tickets? If you bought them on ticketfly as a mobile ticket, I'd imagine you do have PDF's.


Typically a "mobile" ticket on ticketmaster means you'd need the buyers email address to go into TM an click transfer, enter the email, and actually transfer the ticket. For that you'd need to have authorization to sell mobile tickets from StubHub, being new you likely not qualify for this just yet. 


However, if you have a PDF, just upload it as a PDF into the listing and you'll be good to go. 


I hope this helps but without more info it'd hard to give a definitive answer. 


Re: How do I sell mobile tickets that weren't bought on stubhub?

Hey @rooster-mcfoost, thanks for reaching out and my apologies for the confusion!  When you list your tickets as mobile, you will definitely want to make sure your selecting mobile for the delivery method and in the disclosures.  When your tickets sell, you will be sent further instructions on how to transfer them from within your account to your buyer's account.