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Is 'Viagogo' dropping the ball with StubHub?

I've been selling some of my season tickets to games I can't (or don't wish to) attend for ~10 years now. With their steep fees and dubious relationship with my local team, I've never been 'all in' with StubHub, but I couldn't deny the site's capabilities or relative ease of use.  My team ended their relationship with SH this year (I'm not sure why) and I've encountered a series of odd issues using SH since that has prompted me to join this 'community' to see what's going on. I've received email notices from SH and spoken to reps here and in S. America (sometimes for an hour or more) to resolve issues that should not have been and never were in previous years. So what changed? I see that just prior to the pandemic, SH was sold to 'Viagogo' for over $4B, which seems like unfortunate timing for Viagogo. I'm wondering if that's what's led to the changes and unusual issues that I and others seem to be facing today.  In light of the pandemic and its devastating worldwide effects, I don't want to be too harsh, but if Viagogo could invest $4B, is it reasonable for SH clients to expect a standard of service at least equal to what they experienced prior to the sale/purchase? 


Re: Is 'Viagogo' dropping the ball with StubHub?

Hello. When you read the comments the majority of them have to do with lack of or no customer support. The excuse always seems to be the pandemic. After almost 2 years they could have adapted.
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