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Mobile Transfer Tickets

I just sold a pair of tickets to again.  Stubhub is now asking for a claim link.  My tickets don't transfer that way.  It's just an email transfer.  I can't get any help.


Secondly, I've de-activated ALL of my remaining season tickets.  If Stubhub can't figure this out, I'll just give my tickets to friends and charity or sell them on the team's site for the better games that I can't attend.  Basically, unless they can figure this out, I'm done with Stubhub. 


Moderator Moderator

Re: Mobile Transfer Tickets

We are very sorry for the trouble with this! We're going to send you a private message to investigate this further.

New User

Re: Mobile Transfer Tickets

Yes, why has this changed?  everything is PMed.  why am i sending the tickets to ?  this does not make sense.

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Re: Mobile Transfer Tickets

@mlarrabure This is part of a new process that we are testing to try and make the mobile transfer process easier on our fans.  This way tickets are transferred directly to us to send to your buyer.  We're testing this to be able to better troubleshoot issues if the buyer is having trouble receiving or accepting the mobile transfer themselves.